Removable Aligners.

Removable Aligners.

Equals more effective brushing and flossing. Period.

Keep on Keeping on.

Keep on
Keeping on.

This nearly invisible treatment is discreet, to carry on with confidence.

Sparkling Smiles.


Spark is proven to keep your smile shining and minimize aligner stains.**

Foodie? No Problem!

No Problem!

Enjoy that crunchy morsel or a coffee by simply popping out your aligners.

Treat Yourself! Through a Professional...

Treat Yourself! Through a Professional…

Your Spark doctor knows how to best enhance your smile—don't settle for less!

The Right Moves.

The Right Moves.

Proven to be more efficient and effective than other aligner materials, getting your teeth to the right spot faster!*

Made for You.

Made for You.

Your Spark provider designs the best smile for you, resulting in clear aligners that are custom made to your teeth.

* Compared to aligners made with commercially available material. Data on file.
** TruGEN material stains less than other leading material. Data on file.

“Because a smile is just the embodiment of happiness.”*

Tom, 32

What patients are saying

Less than three months left with @mysparksmile aligners.

They’re such a normal part of my daily life that I think I’ll be lost without them! Huge thanks to the @invisibleorthodontics team for making it all so easy! Looking forward to having perfectly straight teeth! Link in my bio for more info #spark #mysparksmile*

*Spark is an orthodontic clear aligner system for straighter teeth. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE. ALWAYS READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE. Patient results may vary.

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